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Meet the Team

Jedediah Tango
Lead Designer

Jedediah is a USCG licensed 3rd Mate. He recently currently obtained a MS in Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. Jedediah's concentrated studies and thesis were 3D printing in the marine industry. 

Eric Isaken

Eric currently works as an engineer for T.E. Subcom. Eric has been active in Marin3D since the beginning and has great interest in the future endeavors of Marin3D.

Nan Yin
Naval Engineer

Nan is currently pursuing a P.H.D. at Stevens Institute of Technology for Naval Engineering. Her masters studies concentrated in underwater marine structures.

Jacob Albrecht
Communications Director

Jacob is a graduate of the Creative Writing Program at Emory University. While he's still getting his sea legs, Jacob is enjoying learning more about everything marine.

Tom Tango

Tom has many years managing Facilities Operations Departments, solving problems in imaginative ways. He is also an avid recreational boater

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